Replaced Flickr Gallery plugin by a New One

Replaced “Flickr Gallery” plugin by an other plugin called

“Photonic Gallery for Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, 500px, Zenfolio and Instagram”

Had to configure it as well as changing some CSS settings to match my site,
To finally override the CSS as a last step I installed the plugin

“Easy Custom CSS”

/* Enter Your Custom CSS Here */
.title-display-tooltip { margin-left:0px}
.photonic-flickr-stream .photonic-pad-photos { margin:2px 2px !important; border-style:none;}
.prettyphoto img { margin:0px; border-style:solid; border-width:medium; border-color:green; padding:0px;}

Did tests with the Magnolia Post from 20.03.2014, finally seems to work,
Have to go through all of my posts that use flickr gallery plugin and change it to the new one.

Done for all posts with photoset older than 07/2011 (??), and those with a TAG reference till 2003

[photo type='flickr' view='photos' user_id='gflaig' tags='xxxxxxxx' ]
possibly add parameter per_page='150'

[photo type='flickr' photoset_id='72157642657338453' ]

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Flickr Gallery Plugin does NOT work anymore

Flickr Gallery Plugin does NOT work anymore, despite changes I made to the code, following descriptions, continue evaluating

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Sometimes I realize me talking to myself … … …

Sometimes I realize me talking to myself – then we start laughing together and at ourself

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The most dangerous form of censorship are the scissors in your own head.

Die gefährlichste Form der Zensur ist die Schere im eigenen Kopf.
La forme la plus dangereuse de la censure c’est les ciseaux dans votre propre tête.
The most dangerous form of censorship are the scissors in your own head.

by Curzio Malaparte (Kurt Erich Suckert) 9.6.1898 – 1957
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Flickr Gallery Plugin

Got a mail from flickr regarding the usage of the flickr API, thats also used in the blog’s flickr gallery.
The flickr gallery isn’t maintained anymore as it looks, so I changed the flickr gallery plugin in the way I assumed it has to be done.

Minimum it continues working.

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Trying Reactivating Blog via Scribefire

from time to time I realize, that I havent blogged a while.

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Magnolia And More.

Here they are!

  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1406
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1410
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1326
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1327
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1328
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1329
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1330
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1331
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1332
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1333
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1334
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1335
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1336
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1337
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1338
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1340
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1341
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1342
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1343
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1344
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1345
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1346
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1347
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1348
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1349
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1350
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1352
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1353
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1354
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1355
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1356
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1357
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1358
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1359
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1360
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1361
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1362
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1364
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1365
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1366
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1367
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1369
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1370
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1371
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1384
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1387
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1389
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1390
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1391
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1392
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1393
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1404
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1405
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1408
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1411
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1412
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1415
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1422
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1423
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1421
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1372
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1416
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1417
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1418
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1395
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1397
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1398
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1400
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1403
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1413
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1414
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1373
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1377
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1378
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1379
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1381
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1382
  • DE.2014.03.2ß.S.Wilhelma.DSCF1383
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Stuttgart Museum Night 2014

Official Event Website (German)

Started at 7pm at the “Altes Schloss” (old castle), made it to the 3rd floor where the Tsar relations of the Württemberg Kings are shown, skipped this level, as too much crowded – went through the exhibitions of “stone age” through Roman times and middle age till 19th Century.

Passed and skipped as well the “Neues Schloss” (new castle) as of overcrowded, Had a short stop at the crowd of the oldtimer transport to the Porsche museum.

Entered the museum of the “Kunstverein Stuttgart” – currently mainly video installations, photos etc regarding the topic “folded SPACE”, exhibition called “Something in Space Escapes Our Attempts at Surveying”. Liked Charbel Ackermann: The New Geometry, (2003–2006) with ironic exaggeration of the topos “axis of the evil”.

Crossed part of the park, passing the opera, and went over to the Historic Museum. Despite the heavily crowded rooms, still interesting view, and presentation of the Baden-Württemberg state’s history.

Staatsgelerie was not participating unluckily. So forwarded to the planetarium. Waited some 20-30 mins to enter the show. After not having been in a planetarium for dozens of years, it was an event again.

Main station tower platform was the next target. Interesting views to the nightly Stuttgart and the leftovers of the main station.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157642448998395″]

Once again crossing a road through the underground – finally reached the miniature train exhibtion, created by very enthusiastic hobbyists.

Technically that was less the 20 percent of the offer, regarding time, taking into account all the waiting time it was more than expected to be done.

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