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The Highest Hill in Germany – Hohenasperg

How comes ?
Old saying in the region: Hohenasperg

Prison since late medieval time, it kept lots of – sometimes locally, sometimes worldwide well known – prisoners.

Celtic principality ca 500 BC, Hohenasperg was officially chartered in 1510.
1525 the leader of the countrymen, Jäcklein Rohrbach, was taken prisoner by the governor of Asperg.

In 1737, Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, a Jew and the financial adviser to the Duke of Württemberg, was arrested and, in a dubious political trial, was sentenced to death. The poet C. F. D. Schubart was held prisoner there between 1777 and 1787. Schubart’s fate became the subject of Friedrich Schiller’s Drama “The Robber.” Schiller himself had escaped the confinement of the Hohenasperg by fleeing to Mannheim in the neighboring Electoral Palatinate.

1933, numerous members of the Hitlers opposition, the Social Democrats and Communists, were imprisoned on Hohenasperg.

Transit Camp for Deportation to Concentration Camps (1940 – 1943)

The prison later became a civil prison for the detention of non-political prisoners

and now also houses the central hospital of the prison service in Baden-Württemberg.
In this capacity it held Peter Graf, father of the tennis-player Steffi Graf, in 1995. The serial killer Heinrich Pommerenke, died in Hohenasperg in the central hospital on December 27, 2008.

Uphills – if you risk it – you find a museum detailing the lives of some of the prison’s notable inmates. (“Hohenasperg. Ein deutsches Gefängnis”).



The greek problem today is still the ancient problem, that Lysistrata solved – using her way.

If you have a look on the social life today : Old men, “working”, bad mood, impolite. trying avoiding heavy actions.
Whenever you see a woman do the same job : friendly , smiling, minimum double the speed, effective (you may call this problem oriented – but it is just DOING it).

Though the solution today might not be Lysistrata’s solution anymore – they should have women doing the jobs.