Restructured Link Section

After some playing around, I have meanwhile started a copy of the WordPress Theme “Twenty Ten” and did several changes, not just configuring but as well php updates. Though I do not understnd in detail, how the different components of WP are plugged together, I have a some ideas about it.

First changes involved hard coded style elements – now I am using the different css files, that came with the theme and with some plugins, to modify the layout.
PHP extenseions as well as html changes are still done in the basic php files. I am on my way adding components to “The Loop” for the next extensions.
Some of the changes are:

  • Added menubar – plugin allowing multilebel menues, not supported by TwentyTen theme directly
  • Changed the background to using an image for structuring it, without loosing the colour impression.
  • Added a popout slider showing my contact informations
  • Modified the link structure at the page bottom
  • Added flickr gallery.
  • Added autoposting plugins for Facebook and twitter

Still continuing evaluating WP structures. One would be a personal posting theme. Own theme containing all my changes as theme components , possibly configurable. and much more.

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3 Responses to Restructured Link Section

  1. I like it, it looks nice.

  2. as far as i can tell … me too

  3. The striped background is a bit dizzying and the News section scrolls too quickly, but the layout is excellent. The eye can travel easily between the sections. I like it too!