ENFP – ?

Did a Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorW test (MBTI) about personality.
Result was “ENFPW” which says somewhat like :
ENFPWs are both “idea”-people and “people”-people.

People tell me, the description sounds true to a reasonable amount.
Keep me updated about your opinion.

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2 Responses to ENFP – ?

  1. Henry says:

    I am ENTJ in MBTi and found the test quite helpful. Stumbled across it on the german site and since then it intrigued me more and more and i read various books about it. good stuff!

  2. Günther says:

    Sounds like the typology (naming of the personality types) is different in the German site to the American types after after Myers& Briggs foundations . Besides this , you find a lot of critisism regfarding these generally positive sounding test results and type descriptions.