Artist Painter

He grew up in the twenties of the 20est century in a small German village. His grandfather has been an important man in the village – the shop keeper of the biggest local store.
His own mother died, when he was born, so his aunt, an unmarried, well educated woman cared for him, until his father married again, and afterwards as well. The new marriage of his father should last all lifetime. The younger brother, son of his new mother, was born soon after.
Every workday, after his father left for his work at a distant factury, the mother picked up her tools for working at their land, split in small pieces all over the fields of the village.
The two boys, from their early years were used helping with the daily work, in their stable and on their land. This of course included mucking out the dung of their two cows and their goat. This sometimes included herding the cows, now and then pronging one of the garden’s beds. Day after day, through the course of the years.
They grew, and they started visiting school – grade four to seven from early moring till lunch time, first three grades not before late morning.

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