about me

> Momentarily I feel like being a teacher / instructor :
> In reallity I am working as a software consultant.
As this has to do a lot with meeting people, people of different background and culture, and with  travel , it is mainly fun.
> If once I loose the emotionl relation to this type of work – wich I dont expect – there is a lot of other things left to be done :

> Sculpturing, Photography, Writing, Travel of course – and again meet people.
> Help educate less fortunate people, introducing as many of my experiences as possible, be it knowledge, culture, behaviour.
> Relearn, practise Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, learn new languages eg. Arabic.

– What else, besides travel, do I like ?

> Crimilar stories about historical time, like SPQR.
> Sociocritical SF – eg Th. Sturgeon, Ray Bradbury, Pohl, Harlan Ellison, Ursula LeGuin et al.
> History, Cultural Relations, Linguistics (not to deep). … Poetry (German Romanticism)- Mörike, M.Claudius.
> Consistent “fantastic world” stories, as a clear mirror of reallity – e.g. Diskworld, Lord of the Ring
> Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi Choir
> Late Beatles, Pink Floyd, Cohen, Dylan, Baez.
> Some type of “Folk Music”, rhythmic type of Jazz – Dixie etc.
> great American 60ies movies. Lord of the Rings. Monty Python, Rocky Horror Picture Show.
> Indian (very new), Chinese, Lebanese, French “Nouvelle Cuisine”
> Paintings of Dali, im- as well as expressionists, Monet, Manet, Degas, Marc, Kandinsky, Arcimboldo
> Sculptures , many different types like carvings, clay, bronce and more
> Photography – nice type like Hamilton, Sociocritical like Riis

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